Tax Certificates

Anyone may request and receive a tax certificate on a property. The tax certificate will show the amount of delinquent taxes, penalties and interest due on a property according to current tax records. Since our office collects for more than one taxing unit, it must show the amount for each taxing unit.

If there are no taxes due, the tax certificate will show a zero amount. If there are taxes due, and you want the tax certificate to show a zero amount, you must pay the taxes with cash, certified funds or wait 10 working days for your check to clear.


The fee for the tax certificate is $10. The fee must be paid with certified funds at the time the tax certificate is picked up.

How to Request

You may request and pick up a tax certificate at either location. We accept email requests for tax certificates. Please indicate in your email whether you will pick up the tax certificate at the Canyon or Amarillo location.

If you have any questions regarding tax certificates, please call 806-468-5540.