Title Transfer

The title transfer should take place within 30 calendar days of the date of sale to avoid any penalties. Texas Department of Motor Vehicles requires an applicant for title (buyer) to present a current government issued identification.

Documents Needed

The buyer will need to present the following documents:

  • The original title assigned from the seller to the buyer
    • All owners on the front of the title will need to sign all documents as seller
  • An Application for Texas Title (130-U) completed by buyer(s), buyer(s) signature must be original
    •  View vehicle gift requirements if vehicle is a gift
  • Government issued photo ID for buyer. Vehicles will be titled in the legal name as it appears on the ID
  • Proof of Texas liability insurance
    • Buyer must provide proof that they are an insured driver. Proof of insurance may be on any vehicle as long as it has the buyer(s) name on it
  • Supporting documents for example: 
    • Release of Lien or Power of Attorney
  • Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) must be obtained if registration is out on the vehicle and buyer(s) want to purchase registration at the time of title transfer
  • VIR exemptions:
    • All farm trailers
    • Title only transactions
    • Trailers with a gross weight of under 7500 pounds
    • Vehicles older than 25 years that will display antique registration
  • Vehicle purchased out of state:
    • Verify that the vehicle information and the VIN# on the VIR matches your vehicle information
    • VIR’s that do not match will not be accepted
    • You must provide a signed VIR
    • Supporting documents for example: 
      • Release of Lien or Power of Attorney

Title Check Service

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles offers a Title Check service. This is where you can search to see if the vehicle you are purchasing has any issues that would impact you or the value of the vehicle.


This information pertains to cars, SUVs, and light pickups. Additional documentation may be needed for trailers, camping trailers, motor homes, tractor trucks, and tractor-trailers. Please contact our office to verify what additional documents may be needed.

Fees may vary depending on actual transaction but typically include:

  • $28 title fee
  • Penalties:
    • If transfer does not take place within 30 calendar days of the date of sale, penalties will accrue
    • There will be a $25 per month penalty, not to exceed $250 and up to 10% penalty on sales tax
  • Registration fee (varies by vehicle)
  • Sales tax calculated at 6.25% on the purchase price or on standard presumptive value, whichever is greater