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Randall County is located in the south central part of the Texas Panhandle. The County was officially formed in 1889 and consists of approximately 933 square miles with an estimated 783 miles of roads. Randall County is the seat of significant cities, Amarillo and Canyon Texas. We are home to West Texas A&M University, Buffalo Lake Wildlife Refuge, Palo Duro Canyon State Park and the biggest museum in the State of Texas, Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. 


The County Census as of 2010 is 120,750 people with an estimated growth rate of 2% per year. The exterior restoration of the 1909 Randall County Courthouse was completed in August of 2010.1909 Randall County Courthouse

Email Fraud Alert

It has come to our attention that there have been some fraudulent emails circulating claiming to be from Randall County. In particular "Jury Summons - Failure to Appear Notice" from a domain other than randallcounty.com. These emails did not originate from any Randall County office and are fraudulent. Please be careful when opening any email and make sure you know or trust the sender. All emails from Randall County offices will come from a randallcounty.com email address.

Public Notice

Randall County Commissioner's Court is soliciting comments from contractors and citizens regarding the proposed changes to the Randall County Road and Subdivision Policy. View the Public Notice and leave comments.