Am I Due to Report?


Special Message for Rescheduled Jurors

Have you been rescheduled or rescheduled yourself on the i-Jury website? If so, you will receive a new summons for that date at least 10 days before reporting. If you have not received a new summons then a jury was not needed for that date and you are excused. Do not report until you have received a new summons.

  1. County Court (CC)
  2. District Court (DC)
  3. Grand Jury (GJ)
  4. Justice Court (JP)

County Court Juror: Numbers Beginning with CC

• Jurors summoned to report to the County Court


• With Summons Number: CC 23-37



Please listen to the entire message.

This message is for 2 different jury panels



Jurors summoned to County Court on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2023 with summons number CC 23-37. All jurors DO NOT NEED TO REPORT and are excused until summoned again.



 Jurors summoned to Justice of the Peace Court on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2023 with summons number JP4 23-23. All jurors NEED TO REPORT at 8:00 AM to the Randall County Annex Building. Please bring completed summons with you.


Thank you. 



Additional Resources

  • If you have further questions please call the Clerk’s Office at 806-468-5600, ext. 4083.
  • Posted: TUESDAY NOVEMBER 28, 2023 @ 1:39 PM.