Name & Address Change

Name Change

Promptly notify our office in writing of a name change. You will need to correct the information on your current voter registration certificate and return to us. If you have lost your card then fill out a new voter registration form and check the change box and replacement box and return to us.

Your spouse, parent or child (acting as an agent) may complete and sign a change of name for you. This person must be a registered voter or has applied for registration.

You will receive a new, corrected voter certificate. It could take up to 30 days before your new replacement card arrives.

You may continue to vote. Show ID during this time if you used your certificate as your notice of name change.

Address Changes

  1. Moving to Another County
  2. Within the Same County

Re-Register to Vote

If you are moving to another county then you must re-register to vote. Complete an application and return it either by mail or in person to the voter registrar in your new county. You will be registered 30 days after your application is submitted and you will receive a new certificate.

Eligible to Vote a Limited Ballot

If you vote a limited ballot, you may vote on all statewide offices, statewide propositions and district offices that are common to both counties. You may be eligible to vote a limited ballot in your new county of residence if:

  • You are currently registered to vote in your former county
  • Your registration in the new county is not yet effective

Applying & Voting

You must apply for a limited ballot and vote by personal appearance with the early voting clerk conducting the election in your new county during the early voting period. The early voting period generally begins on the 17th day and ends on the 4th day before an election. You may also vote by mail if you are already eligible to vote by mail. You can not vote a limited ballot on election day.